Antelopes are hoofed animals with hollow horns. They live on grasslands, brush lands, and forests in Africa and parts of Asia (no true antelope is native to the Americas). Some antelopes include the gazelle, eland, impala, springbok, klipspringer, oryx, saiga, waterbuck, suni, hartebeests, topi, nyala, bongo, dik-dik, kob, duiker, gemsbok, etc. They are hunted by lions, leopards, wild dogs, and other predators.

These swift runners can also jump very well. In addition, they can bounce with all four legs held in a stiff position; this is called pronking. In this springing motion, all four feet leave the ground and land at the same time.

The antelope’s hollow horns vary from very short to very long. Some are straight and some are gently curved. Like all horns, they are not shed, but continue to grow throughout the antelope’s life. In many species of antelope the females also have horns, but they are smaller than the male’s horns.

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